Private Conversations in Neverland with Michael Jackson


An insightful journey into the friendship between Barney Vanvalin, a rural farmland physician and music icon, Michael Jackson.  You will read about the close friendship from their first meeting to the mysterious and sudden end of their long talks after five years.  Michael spent countless hours away from the opulent Neverland Ranch inside the humble home of Dr. Vanvalin sharing time with his family.  The books takes you inside Neverland Ranch from the dinner table to the extravagant game room, carnival rides, theater, to sitting in bed watching movies with Michael Jackson on one side and Elizabeth Taylor on the other.


You will read of the absence of memorabilia in his home from gold records to photographs of world dignitaries and his candid view of such acknowledgements; the nightly menu at the Neverland dinner table; the origin of the Moon Walk dance; Michael's curiosity of the deceased that had him at Barney's mothers' death bed; and his candid opinion of his father and mother.  A must read for any Michael Jackson fan.


* What a lovely book! Dr. Barney has given the reader a peek into the close friendship he shared with Mr. Jackson, sharing a funny, intelligent, quirky and loving father as only a friend could.  Enjoyed every bit of it.  Thank you very much

 _Lauren, California



* I am reading this book now, so glad I got it. You were blessed to have know Michael, how I wish I could have been there for him!! Love him so!!!!! 

_Lisa Dickinson, California


* Dear Dr Van Valin I am a 50yr old life long UK Michael Jackson fan & I have just recently taken delivery of & subsequently devoured (metaphorically) your little gem of a book. I can tell you it is blowing through the fanbase like a breathe of fresh air! All I can say (& I am sure you will have heard it said countless times before) is - thank you. Thank you for not being tempted to reveal any of those personal secrets that would have given Michael(had he still been alive) & his family so much distress, but provided the Media with more fodder & you, I am sure a far healthier paycheck! The book is beautiful in its simplicity, & to those who know him, brings a smile to our lips & tears to our eyes. How very lucky you were to share that time with him & how very lucky we are that you decided to share your experiences with us.

_Deborah Longshan, United Kingdom


* Hi Barney
I have just left my review on your delightful, charming and endearing little book which i started and finished today!! Recuperating after recent surgery, it has been a compelling, beautiful and medicinal read which left me craving for more!! You shared the Michael we ALL Love and Miss - the gentle man-child whose beauty continues to shine. I wish you every success with this amazing little gem. god Bless You and THANK YOU for being his friend...... Susan ( United Kingdom )


_Susan Brookes, United Kingdom



I am reading your wonderful book about our beloved a Michael. Thankyou so much for writing about your times with Michael. I have to put it down every once in awhile due to bleary tearful eyes. Thank you again.

 Diane Fanara, California




I just finished reading the beautifully written "Private Conversations in Neverland with Michael Jackson" by Doc Barney. I'm having trouble finding the words to express how much I LOVE this book. I've sat here now for sometime just mulling it over letting the words and stories digest and take root in my heart and mind. God bless you Doc Barney! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for allowing us all t...o take this journey with you as Michael's good friend. God bless you and your family for freely enveloping him with the much longed for and needed sanctuary of trust and the confidence of true protective friendship.

Everyone... if there is one book to buy this year (other than Michael Bush's book which I absolutely love) this is IT!! I have just been on a roller-coaster of emotion in the pages of this precious treasure. A rare glimpse into Michael's and the children's private world while living at Neverland. I felt as though I personally walked alongside Michael in Neverland and the small towns of Santa Ynez Valley tenderly brushing the private places of Michael's life and heart. The places he only allowed seen by those he truly trusted... glimpsing the everyday real true man.

As an MJ fan I have devoured many books and much information, trivia and facts about him; however this is a fresh, earthy view of his life, simply a treasure.

Thank you Doc Barney for a peek into his genius mind, his humor and playfulness, the enchanted enlightenment of his wisdom, his deeply sensitive caring, kind and graciously giving character, as well as his never ending creativity. I cried, I laughed and several times I needed to just lay the book down to breath. I did not want this book to end and will go back now and read it again, experience it again.

Simply put this book is a sparkling, 'opulent', polished diamond in a sea of media rubbish, the cream rising to the top, written from a heart of love and respect for this amazingly humble, gifted and special man.

Again this insignificant fan wishes to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your deeply private, precious memories of a most extraordinary man. Thank you for writing this sweet book and making it readily available to the public. It truly is a gift to all MJ fans everywhere. I proudly add this elite gem to my Michael Jackson collection. 

 _Betty Byrnes, California


Thanks, Doc Barney, for accepting my friendship ( that comes from another continent...) It's really amazing to have the opportunity to share few words with the author of a book that I read and liked so much. It' not because it's a book about MJ . Besides this, it's written with so much simplicity that we feel like we are having a conversation. It's honest, it says what it is. What a wonder your friendship with Michael!! It really worth a book! L.O.V.E.,

_ Anna.Vila Mariana, São Paulo








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, Solvang, CA